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Free Printable Butterfly Wall Stencils

Decorate walls in your house with these beautiful free printable butterfly stencils.

You can change the size of these stencils using some image editor or your printer's properties. Either paint a single butterfly or a sworm of butterflies using these stencils.

You can also mix and match these with flowers and floral patterns stencils.

free printable butterfly stencil

This is image of a cute butterfly that is not difficult to cut and really beautiful to look at. Paint different objects like Table cloth, bed linen, T-shirts, walls and furniture using this free printable stencil.


butterfly wall stencil

This is another very cute image of a flying butterfly. Paint it in any color that you may like.

butterfly stencil for wall

This is another image of a flying butterfly that you can paint above flowers or with other butterflies.