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Free Printable Cute Animals Stencils

On this page you will find free printable cute animals stencils especially stencils of woodland animals such as fox, squirrel and hedgehog stencils. These adorable stencils are easy to cut and these can be used in many creative ways, including decorating room walls, making greeting cards and painting Tee Shirts.

These stencils can also be used in creating beautiful banners, cute table clothe, bed sheets and in many many more creative ways.

free printable fox stencil

Free Printable Fox Stencil

This is an adorable stencil of a fox. You can use it to decorate jungle themed room walls and in many other art and crafts projects.


cute deer stencil printable

Cute Baby Deer Stencil

This is an adorable stencil of a cute Baby Deer. It is might be slightly difficult to cut but this image is so cute that it will make anything look super pretty.

cute printable giraffe stencil

Gireaffe stencil

This is another beautiful stencil that can be used to make this beautiful Giraffe anywhere.

cute squirrel stencil

Squirrel Stencil

A very easy to cut stencil with image of a cute squirrel. Make an eye after the image that you create with this stencil will dry.


free printable hedgehog stencil

Cute Free Printable Hedgehog Stencil

This is a stencil of a cute hedgehog. I love hedgehogs and with the help of this stencil you can make hedgehogs anywhere.

cute crab stencil

Crab Stencil

I have also made stencils of some sea animals along with woodland creatures. This cute Crab Stencil will help you making crabs anywhere.

cute turtle stencil

Stencil of Baby Turtle

This is another free printable stencil image that can be used in baby shower parties and to decorate baby room walls.