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Free Printable Thanksgiving Stencils

Create beautiful crafts this Thanksgiving using these free printable stencils that I am offering on this page. Just click on any image that you want to use and right click and save the bigger image to your computer. You can paint these images on walls, banners, fabric, greeting cards and even on wrapping papers to match the Thanksgiving theme.


free printable thanksgiving chestnut leaf stencil

This is stencil image of a chestnut leaf and you can paint it anywhere. It is a really easy to carve stencil.


free printable acorn stencil

This is an Acorn image and you can paint it on table cloth that you are using for Thanksgiving dinner.

free printable thanksgiving pilgrim hat stencil

This is an easy to carve stencil image of pilgrims hat. You can use this for Thanksgiving related classroom projects.

free printable thanksgiving pumpkin stencil

Create this pumpkin image anywhere using this free printable thanksgiving pumpkin stencil.

free printable sunflower stencil

This is silhuette image of a sunflower. You can give it's petals a better form using dark and light paint's strokes.