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Free Printable Rose Stencils

Rose is always considered a beautiful flower so I have made several different free printable rose stencils that you can use to paint walls, fabrics and even furnitue. You can also use these stencils in your craft projects. Roses suit just every occasion and these look good on anything.


free printable rose stencil

This is ano adorable rose stencil that even shows its thorns but still it is really easy to cut and you can paint this beautiful rose anywhere.


rose stencil printable

This is another image of rose and you can use this stencil on walls or to paint bed linens and curtains. You can also make beautiful cards for any occasion using this free printable stencil.

printable rose stencil for walls and fabric

This is another easy to cut rose stencil that you can use either alone or mix and match with other stencil images on this site to create beautiful patterns.

rose stencil printable free

This is stencil of a beautiful rose bud and it can be painted on anything such as greeting cards or wrapping papers.