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Free Printable Autumn and Fall Stencils

Falling fall leaves have their own unique charm and they add romance and beauty to anything.

I have made several autumn leaves images that you can paint on walls, fabrics, wrapping sheets and even on furniture. You can try different color combinations while painting these leaves.

free printable fall leaves stencil

Falling Autumn Leaves

This is a very nice stencil of various falling autum leaves. These can be painted anywhere with the help of this stencil. You can also use this stencil to create repeat pattern to cover a whole wall or piece of fabric. The image is in A4 size so will be relatively small. I have also given leaves stencils in bigger size on this page.


free printable maple leaf stencil

Maple Leaf Stencil

You can take impression of a maple leaf in many ways but if you want to paint a uniform image repeatedly you will surely appreciate this maple leaf stencil.

Autumn leaf stencil for wall

Falling Fall Leaf Stencil

If you want to paint Autumn leaf on a wall or on some bigger surface then you can use this falling fall leaf stencil.

fall leaf wall stencil

Leaf Stencil

This is another leaf stencil that you can mix and match with other images of leaves.

leaf stencil for wall

Leaf Stencil for Wall

This is my favorite shape of leaf and you can paint it using any color.

stencil of autumn leaf

Another Autumn leaf

This is image of another autumn leaf stencil in bigger size so you can paint it on walls.