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Free Printable Wall Stencils

On this page you will find free printable Wall Stencils which are suitable for livingroom walls, bedroom walls and even bathroom walls. You can create beautiful patterns with these stencils and you can also mix and match these with other stencil designs that I am offering on this website.


free printable wall stencil

Wall Stencil Pattern

This is a very elegant wall stencil pattern that you can use on any wall. Just click on the image on the left and right click and save the bigger image. This stencil pattern is easy to cut and you can try different color combination on a rough piece of wood before painting it on the wall. You can also change size of this stencil using some image editor or print properties of your printer.

branch stencil printable for wall

Branch Stencil for Wall

This is another free printable wall stencil design that will add charm to any wall in your home. It has image of a leafy branch and it is really easy to cut-out.


bamboo stencil for wall

Bamboo Stencil for Wall

This bamboo stencil image is great to create a repeat pattern and you can paint as tall bamboo as you like using this stencil image.

wall stencil pattern

Wall Pattern Stencil

This is a very elegant pattern stencil for wall that you can use anywhere whether it is a living-room wall or a bathroom wall.

free pattern stencil for wall

Pattern Stencil for Wall

Big and small dots make an adorable design that will make any wall look beautiful and stylish.

branch stencil for wall

Branch Stencil

This is another stencil of a leafy branch and it will look perfect on any type of wall.