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Free Printable Halloween Stencils

Celebrate Halloween in a spooky and scary way with these free printable Halloween stencils. You can carve a scary jack-o-lantern with these stencils but for that I have specially prepared pumpkin stencils on this page. You can paint your Halloween party room walls, banners, cushions, table-cloth and everything else that you want to look scary with the help of these stencils.

free printable halloween stencil

Scary Bat Stencil

This is stencil of a very scary bat and your can resize it using your printer's print properties or some image editor. You can add scary fun to any halloween related craft with this stencil.

free printable candy corn stencils

Candy Corn Stencil

You can create big and small adorable Candy Corns anywhere with the help of this easy to cut stencil.

scary halloween tree stencil

Huanted Tree Stencil

Create borders or paint this tree alone anywhere that you may desire with the help of this stencil.

stencil of spooky halloween spirit

Halloween Spirit Stencil

Here is another scary stencil of Halloween spirit. Paint it in white color against any dark colored background.

free printable scary cat stencil

Scary Cat Stencil

Paint this cat in black and it will add scary chills to your Halloween party preperations.

Scary skull for halloween stencil

Scary Skull for Halloween Stencil

Paint this color in red and yellow color on a black fabric to make a scary table cloth or banner for Halloween party.

hand skeleton stencil

Hand Stencil

Add scares and chills to your Halloween party by painting this hand's skeleton around.