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How to Stencil

Add a creative touch to your walls, curtains, bed-linen, table cloth, pillows, cushions and furniture using these free printable stencils that I am offering. Here are some very basic tips for stenciling. You can print any stencil that you may like on my website using your home printer on card stock or paste the sheet on a thin cardboard if you are using ordinary printer paper. Old sheets of X-Ray or plastic from plastic milk carton can also help making a nice reusable stencil. Freezer paper is another option and experts recommend Acetate film and drafting sheets.

Cut your stencil using an x-acto knife. Scissors can also be used but they are not very suitable to cut every design. While using a knife move your paper to cut the contours of the design and not the wrist. Put the stencil sheet on a cutting mat before carving the stencil. You can use tweezers and a sharp knife to remove the cut stencil pieces. Brushes that have densely packed bristles and have flat tips are best for stencil painting. You can also use sea sponge to apply paint on walls and furniture. It will give a textured finish.

Before painting on the wall or a fabric try practicing on a small board or small piece of cloth first and only stencil a main wall or cloth when you are really ready. Here are tips about paints that should be used on different type of surfaces

  • Wood (interior use) - Interior Acrylics, Exterior Acrylics, Stencil Cremes, Enamels
  • Fabric - Interior Acrylics, Stencil Cremes, Enamels, Fabric Paints
  • Walls -Acrylics, Stencil Cremes
  • Glass /Bathroom tiles/Plastic – Enamels

You can use small pieces of masking tape to place your stencil securely in one place. Paint as you may desire and create beautiful patterns everywhere.